Pool credit through a works loan: financing at the best rate?

Do you want to realize your dreams and install a swimming pool on your property? Take the plunge with the pool credit. Our objective through this article is to offer the best work loan, ideal product to finance a new swimming pool. We will mainly see how to receive a positive opinion, using a credit comparator with immediate response.

What is pool credit?

What is pool credit?

Have you bought a property and would now like to install a swimming pool to cool off, or to please children and small children? Owning a swimming pool at home is the dream of many French people. This allows you to have fun, but also to add value to your property. Its cost depends on the surface and the type of swimming pool but is overall very important. It is common to have to inquire about the credit 10 000 USD or more to finance a swimming pool.

It should be known that to install a swimming pool on a ground, there are two solutions:

  • Do the installation yourself
  • Request a professional

If you want to install the pool alone, know that today the pools are delivered directly to your home in kit form. They are therefore often relatively easy to assemble. However, if you want the installation to be done by a professional, you will have to use a manufacturer, a craftsman or the store from which you bought your pool. In this case, additional costs may be invoiced and the pool credit will be all the more justified.

Depending on the pool model chosen and the amount of your pool credit, the rate will vary depending on the financial organizations or the manufacturing companies. Thanks to Sir Credit, it is possible to obtain an evaluation at the best rate, without obligation. Indeed, you just have to fill out our single questionnaire and let us look for the cheapest credit for you in order to save money.

For an above-ground pool: pool credit against store credit

For an above-ground pool: pool credit against store credit

What is an above ground pool?

An above-ground swimming pool is, as its name suggests, only placed on the ground and not buried. It is therefore faster to install, because it does not require digging or earthwork. It adapts to any type of terrain and perfectly represents the swimming pool dedicated to leisure and relaxation.

Currently there are two categories: 

  • Inflatable pools : they are self-supporting and flexible with an inflatable tube and PVC walls. The shape is most often round or oval.
  • Rigid pools : they are most often made of metal, concrete, wood or even composite wood. They are much more varied than inflatable pools because they come in different forms: oval, round, square, rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal…

Overall, above-ground pools have many advantages, especially on the financial side, because they do not represent major work for the field. A small consumer loan of around 5,000 USD is sometimes enough to afford a beautiful model.

Pool credit: what budget should you plan?

As mentioned above, above ground pools have a financial advantage over inground pools. The price can vary and range from a loan of 400 $ to a credit of 8,000 USD (only high-end models can reach 14,000 to 15,000 USD). Consumer credit will then be of a non-negligible amount, but it is possible to find good compromises.

Where to find an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pools are sold more easily than in-ground pools, because they do not generate any commitment on the part of the land owner. In addition, they are more affordable. This is why they can be found in several large chain stores. They can also be found on e-commerce sites such as Rueducommerce or Cdiscount. The above-ground pool is the economical, aesthetic and practical solution that will allow you to enjoy a real holiday at home, even if the garden is not large.

Pool credit versus store credit

With all these suppliers, it is possible to find a credit offered directly at the point of sale, for example through store cards. But these credits are far from being cheaper than those offered by specialists as you will see in our comparator.

Credit for inground pools: an ultimate dream within reach

Credit for inground pools: an ultimate dream within reach

What is an inground pool?

For a more luxurious pool and more comfort, opt for the inground or inground pool. Its installation must be entrusted to professionals, such as masons when it comes to building it, but also to other craftsmen if it is purchased as a kit. The cost of this pool can take off depending on its area and the materials used. 

It should be known that for this type of swimming pool, it is necessary to be in possession of a building permit and that it must be the subject of a declaration near the town hall because it is work of installation of a terrain.

An inground pool is durable and relatively solid thanks to its different materials:

  • The pool shell is made of polyester, a relatively strong and durable material. The only drawback to be noted could be the lack of space for transport to the garden concerned.
  • Concrete is the material par excellence of inground pools. This allows a total personification of your pool: size, depth, shape, and even if for more luxury, an overflow pool is desired, thanks to the concrete, everything will be possible!
  • Stainless steel (or stainless steel) which is the most luxury and quality material. Indeed, it will be the most durable for an inground pool.

All this luxury and comfort can escape from your dreams and thus become reality by opting for a low rate TAEG pool credit.

What is the price of a swimming pool?

Requiring various site development works and using quality materials, the inground pool represents a real budget. Its average cost is.

Indeed, it was noted that for a swimming pool buried in kit, it is necessary to envisage at least a credit 5000 USD. As for the inground pool, its minimum price will be 20,000 USD. Obviously, everything will depend on demand, the manufacturing company and the cost of labor included in the price of the purchase of the pool. It is very important to make several quotes when talking about such large amounts. Finally, note that for a custom buried swimming pool, the price easily reaches 50,000 $.

Where to find them?

Inground pools are not bought in a simple store like the previous ones, but bought in one of the brands specializing in this type of pool (Desjoyaux being the most recognized in this area). An appraisal will be made as to the client’s request and following this a quote will be established.

The pool credit is therefore more useful for this kind of project because it represents a significant investment and therefore a significant amount of money.

Pool credit: choose it well to limit interest

Pool credit: choose it well to limit interest

To apply for a swimming pool credit, please fill ou otur questionnaire and select your desired amount and duration. Let us remember in passing that the longer the duration, the higher te amount of interest on the work financing.

To choose the type of pool credit, simply select “work credit” on our comparator.

In addition, not only does it save time using an online credit comparator, but it also saves money because with the best pool credit rate that Sir Credit will take care of, you will save money!

Let us illustrate this with the request for a credit of 10,000 USD for a period of 60 months:

Lowest fixed APR rate: 4.90% / Monthly payment: $ 187.77 / Total cost of credit: $ 1,266.00

Most expensive fixed APR rate: 7.89% / Monthly payment: $ 200.95 / Total cost of credit: $ 2,034.91

We note that for the same pool credit request from one financial institution to another, there is a difference of 768.71 USD. This difference generally widens further when the amount is higher, and / or when the duration is extended.