lowers interest rates on short-term loans

0 has reduced its target yields by up to 1.5% for its short-term loans over the past year, while longer-term loans have retained their value.

The European peer-to-peer lending platform changed its rates on April 5 and November 25, 2021. The platform also announced a rate change that went into effect on January 10 of this year.

Analysis by Peer2Peer Financial News found that for loan terms of up to 30 days, reduced interest rates from 10.5% in April to 10% in November and then to 9% on January 10.

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From November 25 to January 10, interest rates fell for loans of three other terms. For loans within 31 to 60 days, the rates went from 10.5% to 10%, while for those within 61 to 90 days, the rates went from 11% to 10.5% . For loans within 91 to 180 days, the rates went from 11.5 to 11.25 percent.

Meanwhile, from April 5 to January 10, the interest rates for loans with terms between 181 and 365 days remained the same at 12%, and the rates for maturities 366 to 720 remained the same. same at 12.3%.

The platform’s interest rates now vary from 9% to 12.3%, depending on the term chosen.

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