Weekly Recap: Tesla Stock Split, Rising Interest Rates, and Ultra-Short Bond Funds


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To the Glory of Wall Street
Financial institutions can sometimes be malicious, but they provide a real public good.

TIPS can help with inflation, but are you running other risks?
Inflation-protected Treasury securities are one of the best direct hedges against inflation, but they are subject to other types of risks.

What is a recession?
Here’s how long recessions typically last and how you can prepare for them.

10 stocks for a recession
These undervalued stocks come from high quality companies in defensive sectors.

Why we expect the Fed to cut interest rates in 2023
Four key takeaways from our updated interest rate and inflation forecasts.

Video game stocks hit by slowing spending
Electronic Arts is in a more pleasant situation but quite valued.

How to Build a Wallet You Don’t Have to Keep
These four steps can help you build a (mostly) hands-off portfolio.

Ultra-short bond funds are becoming attractive again
Rising yields have boosted their yield, but investors should also watch out for their potential pitfalls.

Stocks and bonds lock in July gains, but ETF investors play it safe
Investors turned to US Treasuries and dividend ETFs as markets rebounded in July.

3 Great ETFs for Opposites
These low-cost ETFs could deliver exceptional long-term performance, for those willing to wait.

Is the Oakmark fund still a good investment?
The fund is having a tougher year than its peers. Here’s what the Morningstar analyst thinks.

How much can tax-managed model portfolios save on taxes?
A case study using Vanguard’s tax-efficient model portfolios.

3 Great ETFs for Rocky Markets
These ETFs could offer a smoother ride and a bit of peace of mind.

3 dividend stocks for August 2022
These names are popular with income investors.

So far, Q2 earnings haven’t been good for stocks, but they’re good enough
The market rebound is being helped by corporate earnings which are better than some feared.

Action of the week: Nio
This automaker competes with Tesla in China.

Stocks have rebounded, but the market remains significantly undervalued
Value and growth stocks look cheap, and the communication services sector is the biggest bargain.

Why Berkshire Hathaway shares are a buy
Warren Buffett’s company is a strong candidate for downside protection, the Morningstar analyst says, and the stock price is also attractive.

Which enterprise software stocks are weathering the macro storm the best?
Microsoft, Amazon, Tyler Technologies and Manhattan Associates are among those Morningstar analyst Dan Romanoff points to for posting strong second-quarter results.

Will the fund industry ever change?
Probably not, because his customers have become very attached to their habits.

Can you use money as the key to unlock your goal?
A palliative care physician shares lessons he learned about money, self-discovery, and finding meaning.

Wade Pfau: the risks of retirement today
The Retirement Expert joins us to discuss retirement income styles, withdrawal rates, and how the current market environment and inflation will affect retirees.

Proxy voting at Tesla meeting will focus on E&S in ESG
The automaker’s upcoming shareholders’ meeting resolutions closely reflect key trends on environmental and social topics.

Does your fund reflect your personal values?
Add Morningstar’s new product participation screens to your sustainability investing toolkit.

How much of your portfolio relates to climate change?
Use Morningstar’s new impact measurement tools to find out.

How advisors can help clients invest sustainably in retirement accounts
Don’t let limited plan options keep clients from investing the way they want.

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Microsoft Corp.
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Intel Corporation

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Loyalty index 500
Vanguard 500 Index Admiral
Stock Dodge & Cox
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T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation

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SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
Invesco QQQ Trust
Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF
Vanguard S&P 500 ETF
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